Impregnated posts
for the agricultural sector

The collaboration with our clients is a commitment in Río Claro, through continuous support for the success of all types of projects. Our experience in the agricultural sector has allowed us to be leaders in service, delivery and stock of products in impregnated wood.


They are used as guides in plant growth. They are applied to avocado, citrus and olive plantations, also in reforestation and ornamental plantations.


They are the basic support in all types of agricultural plantation, which require a structure to help organize the plants


They are installed in the final part of each course, as its name says, acting as head of the structure providing firmness and transmission of composite forces through the anchors and braces.


Used as fundamental support in all types of agricultural plantation that requires an established structure.

Our impregnated wooden poles are used under two objectives:

Formation structures

The impregnated posts are used to improve productive potential and increase efficiency in labor. The categorization of products in training structures correspond to the following wooden posts:

Diameter (inches) Length (mt.)
Tutors/Centrals 1 - 2" up to 4 - 5" 2.4
Head 3 - 4" up to 5 - 6" 3.0
Cornerbacks 7 - 8" up to 10 - 11" 3.5
Anchors Type A / Type B
Suspenders Type A / Type B

Structures for protection

In fruit growing, impregnated wood posts are important for planting care; protect against wind, hail and frost; against the damage of birds, against diseases; also before the change in the time of ripening of the fruit, pruning and harvest in any climatic condition.

Impregnated wood posts are categorized as follows:

Diameter (inches) Length (mt.)
Centrals 3 - 4" up to 5 - 6" 3.5 – 4.0
Heads 5 - 6" up to 7 - 8" 4.0 – 6.0
Cornerbacks 7 - 8" up to 8 - 9" 6.0 – 8.0
Anchors Type B / Type C
Suspenders Type B / Type C

Anchors and braces

The reinforced concrete anchor and galvanized steel brace, work together to fix elements to the ground, allow to support the posts arranged in the agricultural field. This type of complementary product is very important for use in plantations and smaller structures up to roof structure.

ANCHOR (diámetro) SUSPENDERS (diámetro/largo) WEIGHT
TYPE A 30 cm. 8 mm. / 9 kilos
TYPE B 43 cm. 10 mm. / 1 o 1.2 mt. 21 kilos
TIPO C 50 cm. 12 mm. / 1.2 mt. 26 kilos

These products have different applications and uses, among the most used in the agricultural segment are:

Structures for fruit trees and vineyards

Plantations of cherry trees, apple trees, kiwis, blueberries, and others

Poles for sunscreen controlling mesh structures

Agricultural fences

Avocado tutors

Poles for windbreakers

Greenhouse structures

Among the attributes stand out:

Excellent surface finish

Resistant to biological or climatic agents

Easy installation for structures

Ecological and handmade aesthetic attributes

Resistance and longer useful life

Produced under standards of electric distributors (Endesa, Chilquinta, etc.)

Regulated by SAG in Chile and international standards ANSI and AWPA

Certified by the Permanent Improvement Programmes of EUROFINS

All these products and details are adaptable according to the requirements of each client.