Utility Poles

Impregnated wood
for Utility Poles

We offer impregnated posts class 5 and 6 according to Chilean standard (Chilquinta – Endesa), ANSI standard 05.1. and AWPA standard. These posts are able to withstand the load shock due to their natural and insulating flexibility, optimizing their durability, versatility, resistance to dynamic and static stress.

Poles for electric transmition
of high and low voltage

This type of product meets the needs associated with the distribution of the electric service in rural and urban areas. In Rio Claro we sell these products according to the needs and requirements of the client, who specifies lengths and diameters in the final product.
We manufacture low voltage poles generally in formats 7 and 9 meters long. While high voltage posts in formats 10 to 12 meters long. These product formats respond to customers in the electricity market related to the following items:


Impregnating plants

Instaladores y compañías de distribución eléctrica

Installers and electricity distribution companies
They are also aimed at private clients that require products to develop properties in rural areas or for personal projects to develop.

Posts for
telephone line

This product has similar characteristics to the product format for low and high voltage electrical transmission, differing only in its smaller diameter. This product is marketed in measures 9 to 12 meters long, in special cases it works in 15 meter formats. All associated to class 4, above 17 cm. diameter.


Posts for
optical fiber

Mainly 9 meter long posts, the diameters of this product are adjusted to the requirements of each client. The use of this product is for the fastening of fiber optic cables in order to transmit through a transfer speed of 1.5 Tbps, including nodes or connection points that cover large geographical areas reaching 200,000 km.

These products have different applications and uses according to the type of project, among the most used in the field include:

Electric power transmission

Digital signal transmission

Agroindustrial applications

Slope control and mining applications

Warehouses and storage units

Bridges, reinforcement struts

Laying and electric lighting service

General construction

Among the attributes stand out:

Excellent surface finish

Resistant to biological or climatic agents

Easy installation for structures

Resistance and longer utility life

Electrical isolation, resistant to electric shock

Ecological and handmade aesthetic attributes

Produced under standards of electric distributors (Endesa, Chilquinta, etc.)

Regulated by SAG in Chile and international standards ANSI and AWPA

Certified by the Permanent Improvement Programmes of EUROFINS

All these products and details are adaptable according to the requirements of each client.